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Online Spanish tutor 

If you are interested in becoming an online Spanish tutor with us please read carefully and then contact us.

In order for us to provide the highest quality Spanish lessons, we employ only teachers with top qualifications and experience in teaching. Since online tutoring is so new to the education field we do not require previous online experience, but you need to meet the following requirements before applying.


Basic requirements

Native Spanish speaker. Although you may have excellent Spanish already, our marketing is based on providing native-speaking teachers.

At least 1 year of teaching experience in languages or school setting. This needs to be within the last 10 years, for exposure to modern teaching methods and developments in the educational faculty.

Complete resume/CV with details and references from schools/ online platforms where you have taught.

Bilingual Spanish/English or sufficient knowledge of English, for easy communication when needed for beginner Spanish students. Students constantly ask us if the teacher can also speak English, as they feel more comfortable. Hence this page is in English.

Modern computer with common programs installed (Word, email, etc). A decent webcam is also an advantage. Skype itself is free and easy to install.

High speed internet connection. Minimum 3MB connection that is stable and reliable. You can test the speed of your connection here: This will help ensure that Spanish HQ students receive the high level of service they expect from us.

Quiet working environment. Screaming kids and barking dogs don’t mix well with students learning Spanish as you can imagine.

The right personality for the job. Online teaching takes a special kind of educator who can capture and hold students’ attention without physically being in a classroom. We seek sociable, dynamic and knowledgeable teachers who can combine different educational elements to bring a class to life.

Computer skills. You need to be a confident user of Word, Google, email etcetera. Next to that is important that you know how Skype works. 

Regular availablility. We mutually agree on a regular schedule that will suit your lifestyle, so you can spend time with your family and friends while maintaining a constant weekly schedule. You will have students who book classes with you on a regular basis, as many utilize the same teacher.

Interested in working with us?

Please send your resume and cover letter to



10 hours minimum per week






PayPal or Western Union


$6 – $10 dollars an hour depending on experience

Performance bonus

For every prospect you convert to a client, you get an extra 10% of the lessons they buy.



Daan Pruijssers  – Co-founder

+31 6 46583534