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Scalable digital marketing

Hi Johan, Brian,

It was interesting hearing more about your new business idea, I am sure that I can provide value by helping you with marketing. Contributing in order to hit the target of 100 licences sold monthly. Below I will briefly describe what methods I want to use and on the right side I will break down the terms and costs. I left SEO out of this proposal as that aspect is taken care off.

You can find the complete budget here (Excel).


Essential marketing mix

LinkedIn scrape – In order to compile an accurate list of prospects LinkedIn can be scraped. This will provide a starting point for future automations as mentioned below. Starting point would be 100.000 contacts.

LinkedIn Automation – Automatically send out connection requests to prospects. An effective way to get the conversation started. This is can only be done in a slower pace, 50 a day per account.

Automated e-mail sequence – Using the list from the scrape, e-mails can be collected of decision makers and an automated sequence can be send out. This can happen in a higher pace.  

Social media – through research on hashtags and groups for example and by creating the right content for these audiences, it is possible to gain a substantial amount of followers in your niche.

In order to efficiently coordinate all of these activities, we have to do research on where the target group is present online. For example, which Instagram hashtags, which Facebook groups and which LinkedIn filters we can leverage to achieve maximum success.

Referral marketing – customers can get rewarded with a discount or a gift if they refer other customers. Trackable and automated, rewards will only be given if the referred person actually buys something.


Optimal marketing mix

LinkedIn advertisements – LinkedIn advertisements are a great way to show your brand and connect with potential customers. Better value for money than Facebook, but less targeting options.

Remarketing – by implementing different tracking pixels in the website, visitors can be reached outside of our own website by display ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads and more. This is highly effective because it is possible to target them based on their previous interactions on the website.

E-mail marketing automation (opt-in) – to generate more revenue from existing customers or newsletter subscribers, we can design highly converting sequences which are tailored to the behaviour of the subscriber. This way it is possible to communicate promotions and cross-sell products in a very targeted way.

Lead magnet – Simultaneous to the automations it is effective to run a lead generation campaign through advertisements on different social media platforms. In return for their contact details they will receive valuable content (eg. White paper, webinar).

I decided to divide the marketing channels I would use for the different stages of growth. The optimal marketing mix could be leveraged when the revenue is increasing.

Excited to work on this opportunity, let’s discuss more details on Tuesday!

Best regards,

Daan Pruijssers 

Breakdown costs essential mix


Set up



$ 660,- 


$306,- a month.

One time fee of $844 for 100.000 contacts.

Ad spend

$0,- a month

Optimal marketing mix


Set up



$ 1.140,-


$323,- a month

One time fee of $844 for 100.000 contacts.

Ad spend

$1250,- a month


Hourly rate

As an investment from my end, I am reducing my hourly rate for this collaboration from $65 to $30.

In return I would like to receive a  comission of $75 for each sale made.



Payment set up

50% down payment for the set up costs and 50% upon completion. 

Monthly payment

Invoice will be sent at the beginning of each month for the previous month. Payment is to be made within 14 days.


I will provide you with a status report and timesheet of worked hours every month.

Offer valid until 12th of April 2020