Hello, I’m Daan. I create sustainable B2B growth for SaaS and eCommerce.

 I love start ups and scale ups. I’m also passionate about accelerating growth. So I decided to combine these things. Hence my experience in startup environments working with growth strategies that address acquisition, conversion optimization and retention. I’m energetic, eager to learn and always up for a challenge.

  • Growth hacking
  • Account based marketing
  • Paid advertising
  • Branding
  • Content marketing
  • Social Media

My vision for growth

Helping companies on their quest to growth is something I get thrilled about. Not one startup is the same or has the same budget to work with which makes creativity often a necessity.

I love to be creative. 

Creating a successful product or a service isn’t the hard part of a startups success. It all comes down to:
“Make something people want.” – Paul Graham, Y Combinator.

Getting traction is the real problem.

We live in an information era and a wealth of information creates a poverty in attention.

It’s why traditional marketing channels are saturated and that’s a fact. As a startup, you need to have the mindset not to outbid but outsmart your competitors.

Growth isn’t about knowing which strategies will work, it’s about getting your hands dirty and execute. Testing all of your assumptions and doubling down on the things that work for your company.

I believe marketing is a process

I experiment and evaluate

I refine and optimize

I scale and build


Its essential to define your buyer personas. Even better if you interview them in person.


Select the marketing channels and stage of the funnel you want to optimize and tailor it to your audience.


Evaluate, refine and repeat. This process weeds out the good from the bad.


Scale the experiments that work and cut down on the failed experiments.

Recent projects

Below you can find the services and results I have provided for my most recent clients.  On top of that, I would like to tell you more about me and show you what my network says about me.

Featured Project


Set up and managed the marketing strategy from the ground up. Through marketing automation and growth experiments backed by data, I was able to find the key elements to a succesful marketing strategy. 


Created the website and all social media graphics.


Content marketing

Created 10+ blog articles in collaboration with a freelance copywriter. Repurposed this into an online whitepaper, generating 52 MQL’s in the process.

growth marketing

Grew traffic on the blog and website with 152% over 6 months, mainly through SEO.

Lead nurturing program

Set up a lead nurturing program with ActiveCampaign and automations through sales executives.

LinkedIn Automation

By automating interactions on LinkedIn I managed to fill the pipeline for sales with SQL’s.


Partnership with Twinkle.

Featured Project

Provide Group

At the Provide Group I oversaw the online marketing strategy and execution for multiple companies: Provide Managed Services, Kaiser Software, Careeze, Stackbee and Fundius. For these companies I leverage innovative marketing tactics to ensure a good ROI for our marketing budget.


Created and managed the website and all social media graphics.

KaiserProvideCareezeFundius, Stackbee

Growth Marketing

Made an annual growth plan, and designed and executed their first experiments.

Social media

Generated leads through LinkedIn 

Featured Project

TIQ Time

At TIQ Time I was responsible for all of their marketing endeavours for the course of a year. I managed to create growth in different channels and gaining traction with the target audience in the Netherlands, Belgium and Scandinavian countries.

Content marketing

Created stellar content for the blog including a highly successful white paper (100+ MQL). Other articles I have written for TIQ: 

growth marketing

Grew traffic on the blog and website with 138% over 1 year through various growth tactics.

Account based marketing

Set up an account based marketing strategy with MQL’s in 31% of accounts within 3 months.

LinkedIn Automation

By automating interactions on LinkedIn I managed to fill the pipeline for sales with SQL’s.


Set up and wrote guest articles for an industry leader (Article).

Featured Project

Spanish HQ

Co-founded this online Spanish school. Set up the marketing and website from scratch. Constantly defining and relentlessly testing new marketing initiatives with a ‘growth hacking’ mindset.


Created the website and all social media graphics. 


Growth Hacking

Made an annual growth plan, and designed and executed their first experiments.

Social media

Grew their Instagram to 1000+ followers. Through automation on social media I got their first 4 clients in a month.


Set up a chatbot as a referral marketing channel. Results in progress.

Featured Project


For LegalLaunch I was tasked to set up their marketing from scratch. At first, I set up a strategy and put all the right tools in place. Next to that, I ran experimental marketing campaigns and other growth initiatives in order to define the best marketing channel for their company.

Marketing strategy

Created the marketing strategy and executed the first phase.

Web design

Designed and maintained the website: https://legallaunch.nl/


Marketing tools and automation

Set up all Analytics, Tag Manager, ActiveCampaign and more. 

 “It was a pleasure to work with Daan. Very active, hands-on mentality and an excellent understanding for team spirit”

Bram Vanhengel

Marketing Manager, Maserati Belux

“I met Daan when he was an Online Marketing Consultant. You immediately notice his patient, client-oriented attitude and ability to think in your interests. Daan has completed a range of projects for us with glorious success. He thinks strategically and provides practical solutions to achieve this. He always delivers on his promises and is a nice person in general. Highly recommended! “

Pieter Witte

Owner, Plaatsme

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